We Stock Flea and Worm Treatments by Trusted Brands

Healthy As Pets provides flea and worm treatments made by well-known and trusted brands, such as Bravecto and Revolution. Our speedy delivery means you have preventative medication for your pet when fleas and worms become active.

Problems Buying Flea and Worm Treatment Addresses

Caring for your pet means ensuring they take the preventative medication required to avoid the discomfort and potentially harmful side effects of having fleas or worms. 

Preventative action is critical when protecting your pet from fleas and worms. Fleas use their strong back legs to jump from host to host, or to the surrounding environment. This ability means they not only infect your dog or cat but your home as well. By treating your dog or cat with preventative flea control medication as the weather warms up and fleas become active, you reduce the chances of infestation.

Worms are parasites that cause unpleasant symptoms in your dogs, such as coughing, vomiting, low energy, a pot-bellied appearance, weight loss and more. Preventative measures are critical, as worms can cause damage to internal organs and other complications.

Flea and worm treatment for cats is very similar to that used for dogs. Cats have a high likelihood of experiencing worms at some point in their life. Symptoms are very similar to dogs, and both animals may be symptom-free. In addition to preventative medicine and regular faecal checks, you can further reduce the chances of an infestation by keeping your cat’s litter box clean and keeping your cat indoors.

Fleas are unpleasant for both you and your pet and ridding yourself of an infestation takes a lot of time and effort. Worms can be deadly for both dogs and cats, and prevention is essential.

A Short Buyer’s Guide for Purchasing Flea and Worm Treatment Online

What you need to know about buying pest control products online: 

  • Usage – Flea and worm treatment for dogs and cats come in both pill and topical forms. Not all pets are happy taking pills. Know your pet and choose the delivery method that will work. Make sure the medication you are using is for prevention if there is no infestation, or treatment if your animal has fleas or worms. The right medication in the easiest to administer form will ensure effectiveness.
  • Dosage – While both dogs and cats require medication to prevent and treat fleas and worms, the type of medication and amount will vary. In multi-animal homes, you will generally need to purchase separate products for each animal as treatments designed for dogs will not be effective for cats. Remember to carefully weigh your pet as well, as the correct dosage is essential for effective treatment.
  • Experienced supplier – As owners of a veterinary clinic, we know and use the products carried by Healthy As Pets. Brands such as Bravecto, Broadline, Revolution and Nexgard Spectra are well known and used around the world to prevent and treat fleas and worms.

Purchase your dog and cat’s medication from trusted, knowledgeable suppliers. Flea and worm infestations are something every pet owner wants to avoid.
Why Healthy As Pets?
Our background is in veterinary care; we have the knowledge and experience to offer our clients products that work. As licensed vets, we stand behind the products we provide.
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