Bravecto Flea Treatment NZ

Protecting Your Pet with Bravecto Flea Treatment in NZ

Small critters can threaten your pet’s health, but Bravecto flea treatment in NZ can help keep them safe. Healthy As Pets helps guard against illness by keeping those biting bugs out of your pet’s pelt while they're roaming around. We're here to supply you with a diverse number of flea treatment options to give your pet the best protection. 

What You Should Know About Bravecto Flea Treatment in NZ

Get the best flea prevention in New Zealand. 

  • Oral or Topical: Similar to human medicine, dog medicine can be taken in a variety of ways. Home flea treatments tend to be either ingested or applied to the skin. Medications that require skin application should be administered thoroughly, and the animal should be kept out of water for several days after to ensure full efficacy. 
  • How Long It Lasts: Treatments have different effectiveness, and some may last longer than others. It's essential to check the length of the treatment so you can mark your calendar for the next one. If you don't like having to remember so often, choose a remedy with a longer life span. 
  • Check Weight Recommendations: Larger dogs need higher doses to be effective. It's always important to check the weight recommendations for the medicine to avoid that you don't accidentally give a small dog a large done and vice versa.  It can upset their system and possibly be ineffective.  

Check all the packaging for Bravecto in New Zealand so you can pick the best sequence of dosage for your pet.

Why You Should Use Bravecto Treatment for Cats and Dogs

Your pets can't take care of their own doctor's appointments and you must keep them safe. 

  • Disease: Small critters such as fleas and ticks can pass diseases on to dogs and cats. Combing and checking for ticks every day would be an enormous waste of time and you still might miss some. Your pet is there for life and keeping them healthy is a substantial part of their companionship. 
  • Your Health: Ticks and fleas don't just transfer animal diseases; they can also pass on diseases such as Bartonella. Keeping your pet safe also keeps your home safe from these biting bugs. Even if your animals stay mostly outside, it's necessary to protect the area surrounding your house too, so you can go outdoors without concern. 
  • A Clean Home: When pets get fleas or ticks, it can cause sensitive skin problems. They'll be itching, biting and scratching even more than usual, which means more discomfort for them and more hair and dandruff around the house. Keeping them treated for fleas helps everyone in the long run. 

Why You Need To Use Healthy As Pets

Our company helps secure you the most affordable medicine for your furry friends. We have fast shipping options available so you can get flea and tick protection quickly when you need it. As registered vets, we take pride in the effectiveness of our products and know you will too. Browse our Bravecto treatments to start your pet on the path towards health or contact us for more information.


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