Dental Treats

Get Dental Treats for Your Cats and Dogs to Keep Them Smiling

Many people don’t realise how helpful dental treats are in maintaining their pet’s comfort and health. While it’s easy to think of the more common medical procedures and preventing pests such as fleas and ticks, people often overlook oral health. Nevertheless, your pet’s health and comfort depend on having clean, healthy teeth and gums. Keep reading below to learn more about how you can help your pet by buying dental sticks online.

Benefits of Dental Treats and Water Additives for Dogs

There are a few significant ways that dental treats help your pet’s teeth:

  • VeggieDent™ treats for dogs utilise vegetables to create a chewy texture that’s easy on your dog’s teeth to prevent chipping, but abrasive to plaque so that they eliminate and prevent build-up over time.
  • Unlike other kinds of nutritional supplements, the fact that these are treats encourages your dog or cat to dig in. They love the flavour, so you won’t have to struggle to get them to take care of their teeth when you’re using these dental treats.
  • Both Feline Greenies™ and VeggieDent™ reduce tartar build-up. Although we would encourage them to,  most pet owners don’t commonly bring their pets to the vet for a full dental check-up, so your furry companion can go many months without any tartar removal. Use these treats to help prevent problems during those months.

Why a Customer Should Buy Dental Treats for Cats

Consider several reasons that you should buy these treats for your pets:

If you help your pets regularly clean their teeth using a combination of brushing and dental treats, you can give them a better, more comfortable life. Cats and dogs deal with chronic pain differently to people, but it’s still something that saps their energy and decreases their quality of life. Help them maintain clean teeth to potentially reduce gum pain and oral diseases.

We’re licensed vets, so we’ve seen what happens when pet owners invest in proper oral care for their pets. Essentially, the result is that those animals age more gracefully and avoid costly dental surgery and procedures.

Further, we vouch for the quality of the ingredients and stand behind each of the products we sell. Feline Greenies™ and VeggieDent™ treats for dogs are two trustworthy names that we rely on to provide the best oral care possible for pets.

Why Dental Sticks in NZ Are Cost-Effective

As licensed vets, we strongly encourage our clients to use these treats for their pets. Some of the most significant benefits are financial and relate to the alternative case - which would occur without using these treats. Specifically, regular use of dental treats can drastically reduce dental costs later in the pet’s life. Further, dental bills are expensive for cats and dogs when removing teeth or dealing with tooth decay. Therefore, you should use dental sticks and other at-home dental care, such as tooth brushing, for your pets if you want the best chance of them aging gracefully and avoiding the worst of expensive dental care issues. Contact us today to order your supply of Feline Greenies™ and VeggieDent™ treats.


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