Nexgard Spectra Flea and Tick Treatment

Nexgard Spectra Flea and Tick Treatment is Good for You and Your Dog

As veterinarians, we recommend many products, but few are as effective and convenient as Nexgard Spectra flea and tick treatment. This treatment offers a unique blend of benefits that make it easy for you to administer the dosage and ensure that your dog will receive the full benefits. Below, we explore in-depth why you should consider buying NexGard Spectra chewables and how they work to protect your dog.

Why Buy Nexgard Spectra Online

We wouldn’t recommend a product that doesn’t have significant benefits, but at the same time, we want our clients to understand how Nexgard Spectra stands out when compared to the alternatives.

  • Nexgard Spectra is a comprehensive treatment for the most common kinds of parasites. You won’t need to purchase and apply flea and tick repellents separately, nor will you need to put your dog through uncomfortable de-worming procedures. Instead, with a single application of Nexgard Spectra your medium dog will be protected for an entire month. This protection means you can feel safe bringing your dog to the dog park or out on wilderness hikes with you.
  • The way that Nexgard Spectra works is by combining two effective and safe ingredients, Afoxolaner and Milbemycin oxime. These two chemicals are profoundly effective at destroying and repelling all the common pests and parasites that your dog is likely to encounter. Further, because they have a history of use separately and have been thoroughly tested in this combination, you can feel confident that giving your large dog Nexgard Spectra is both safe and beneficial.
  • One of the most beneficial aspects of Nexgard Spectra is that it is an oral treatment, meaning you can give it to your dog as a treat, and they’ll eat it without difficulty. Unlike with topical treatments, you can safely play with your dog immediately after. You won’t have to separate your dog from your kids to keep them safe or refrain from showering the dog for a period. 

 If you’re a long-time pet owner who has always taken your dog out to the woods, you can already envision the benefits of using Nexgard Spectra. Next, we review some detailed information about the treatment.

What You Should Know About Nexgard Spectra 3-Month

Nexgard Spectra is an excellent solution for your dogs’ pest control needs. Unlike other treatments, however, it combines profound effectiveness with incredible convenience in several ways:

  • The treatment is available in different sizes to suit your dogs. Whether you need to buy Nexgard Spectra for small dogs or any other size (including extra small, medium, large, and extra-large), we can provide it to you. We even clarify the exact weights that these sizes designate. You want to always ensure that you get the correctly sized dose so that there are no issues with the treatment underperforming or your dog taking too much.
  • You also have flexibility in terms of how much Nexgard Spectra you purchase. It is available in single doses or three-packs. The three-pack includes enough for three months, as you need only provide a single dosage to your dog each month.
  • Nexgard Spectra is uniquely formulated to be effective over the long term for your dogs. You can continuously provide it once a month for constant protection, or periodically if you only have concerns during some seasons. Nexgard Spectra protects your dogs from several pests, including roundworms, hookworms, and whipworms.
  • Despite possessing an attractive beef scent, Nexgard Spectra is vegetable-based. Additionally, you don’t need to combine it with food so that you can administer it at your convenience.
  • You must wait until your dog is at least eight weeks old before beginning a Nexgard Spectra treatment. If your dog is under 2kg, contact us to discuss how you can provide safe protection against fleas, ticks, and other pests.

While we’ve covered much of the detail regarding Nexgard Spectra, you may still have questions. If so, do not hesitate to contact us today to answer any questions you have regarding safety and application.

Why Choose Healthy As Pets

We are a team of licensed veterinarians who love all pets. We recognise that animals bring profound joy to their owners’ lives and want to help return the favour. Let us help you keep your pets in a healthy condition. Our business takes an approach that includes a commitment to quality, speed of service and delivery, and keeping our prices affordable.

Our team focuses on our customers by providing intelligent, thoughtful, and attentive service. We are happy to answer any questions you have regarding the products we carry and how to use them. For us, customer service doesn’t end when you submit the order but instead is an ongoing process whereby we remain part of your pet care solution. Contact us today to learn more about Nexgard Spectra and how we can help you protect your pets.


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