Making Sure Your Pet Has the Correct Flea Treatment

When you get flea treatment done for your pet, it's important to make sure they are safe. At Healthy As Pets, we are certified vets who are invested in keeping New Zealand furry friends safe from the biting bugs at large. We have a selection of various treatments for both dogs and cats so you can keep the whole family happy.

What You Should Know About Cheap Flea Treatment

Keep your four-legged friends healthy with regular treatments. 

  • Talk to Your Vet: The best way to find your flea treatment is to talk to your vet for recommendations. They are most familiar with your animal, and allergies to medications are possible based on an animal’s breed and medical history. Consulting your veterinarian is the best way to know you are purchasing the right dosage and type of medication for your pet.
  • Species: While cats may seem like smaller versions of dogs, it is vital not to give them small dog flea treatment. You need to stick to the recommendations on the packaging to ensure the highest safety for your pet. Read all the instructions to make sure your breed of pet won't react negatively to the medication.
  • Weight Matters: It may seem that you can choose any flea or tick protection that is labelled "dog", but it's vital to pick one that is specific for your type of dog. Larger animals need bigger doses, and it is imperative not to give a small dog too much, or it could be dangerous.

The Best Advice You Can Hear Regarding Flea Treatment for Dogs and Cats

Your pet's health should always be a priority. Keep the following points in mind when selecting their treatment to make sure you're taking care of them well.

  • Do It: Fleas and ticks can seem like abstract fears for you, but it is a genuine problem for your pets. Just like you wouldn't neglect to take your children to the doctor, you can't forget to give your pet the health treatment and care they need. Don't forget to speak to your vet about this important prevention method as soon as possible. 
  • Check Length: Make sure to ask your vet or check the box to see how long the treatment will be active. Some products need to be administered a couple of times a year, while others should be given every month. Check the packaging to ensure you know when to reapply the flea treatment for maximum effectiveness.
  • It's for the Whole Family: If your pet gets fleas or ticks, they will bring them back into your house and risk spreading the bugs to you and your family. It's also likely that they may develop skin sensitivity that will have them scratching and shedding even more than usual, leaving hair and dandruff for you to clean up. 

Why Trust Healthy As Pets

Our variety of different pet treatments helps keep fleas and ticks out of their fur and your house. We offer affordable and fast delivery to ensure you get what you need when you need it. No pet goes untreated with medicine this accessible. Browse our multiple brands of options for your furry friend or contact us with any questions.


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